Sunday, April 25, 2010

bathtimes and naptimes

Peter was a grouch yesterday morning. He was sleepy and tired and wanted to be up and then wanted to nap. It probably would have just gone over much better if I had just laid down with him and slept. Nope I continuously laid down with him for thirty minutes and got up which resulted in him waking up five minutes later. Or I would sling him and then transfer the sling to the swing resulting in a little more of a nap but not much.

Eventually the grumpy screaming child wound up in the bathtub with me where he happily cooed and tried to laugh because his laugh really hasn't come in yet. He happily thrashed around for thirty minutes. I fed him til he stopped nursing and then called Travis to get him. Immediately after the transfer from my wet arms to the dry towel the screaming ensued. I mean blood curdling screaming. I was just too tired yesterday, he wasn't hungry and I reasoned that he would be doing the same thing with me I would just have to keep trying different things to get him to stop crying. So I continued to wash my hair, slightly faster though, panic was ensuing in my heart from not picking up the crying baby. When all of a sudden it stopped. I called out of the tub to ask Travis if he was still in the apartment and he's like "yes" then I hear "crap you just woke him up." ooooohhhh pullleeeeezzzzz, he's Peter, he's a sleeping baby it happens. I laugh and keep bathing.

After getting dressed for the day (it's 3pm btw) I walk out to the living room where Travis is rolling back and forth on the exercise ball with Peter on his chest sleeping. All very well and everything but Peter was still in a towel. I was starving so I seized the opportunity and went to the store. Sure the panic was written all over Travis' face. "what do i do if i he wakes up????" lol Making a long story short, they both survived unscathed, actually they were right where I left them and Peter slept the whole time. See what happens when you let him sleep touching someone??? A whopping one and half hour nap.

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  1. i love reading about peter's days. keep 'em coming!