Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Anniversary

yesterday was our first anniversary as a married couple. we started the morning off by getting our wedding cake out and having that with coffee for breakfast. it surprisingly still had a lot of flavor and was pretty tasty. yesterday was a great day just spending it here with travis and peter. we went out in the afternoon to ikea and to dinner. ikea was great, peter slept through the entire store but once we got to dinner it was a different story. let's just say that travis and i didn't get to sit down together throughout our entire dinner. lovely.

it's been a great year. people have constantly told us how hard married life will be and that the first year is the hardest. so far, so good. for us it's been easier together then apart. there were definitely things this year that took getting used to and we had some adjusting to do. minor differences but no real fights. i'm so happy to have travis coming home every day and cooking dinner for us. he's such a good cook and i rarely cook anything for us anymore. i wanted to write some other things but peter is fussing.

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  1. Happy Anniversary to you both :-) Sounds like a great day. I was just thinking that almost 17 years ago you were a flower girl at our wedding - honestly, it seems like just the other day. Pretty weird - and I am so not getting old ;-)