Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cowboy Birthday Party

It's been three wonderful years with our little man and every day continues to filled with at least one joy.  His birthday fell on Easter this year, which led to much confusion and basically a three day celebration.  His official party was all about horses.  With the help of my sister, mom and cousin we made these stick horses.  BIG hit, atm Peter is removing a "cactus needle" from Little Thunder's hoof. :) 

The kiddos all had a blast during our horse race.  No prizes needed apparently competition is enough incentive for these kids!

Our favorite story has been Armadillo Rodeo by Jan Brett  and I couldn't resist making his cake complete with Beau the armadillo (out of fondant), the "pointy toed, high heeled, hand tooled, chili pepper red boots with fancy cutwork, tall tops and a curly H brand" (also out of fondant) and Spotlight the ranch pony (curtesy of Tractor Supply's schleich horses).  I basically ran out of time and couldn't do any scenery or anything else I wanted to do for his cake.  That's what happens when you are involved in too many projects I guess.
The wind gave Peter a lot of trouble and the pressure from his family and friends to blow out his candles made him a little grumpy.  Poor guy!  

This is basically Adam's face whenever he sees me and I'm not holding or playing with him.  This boy NEEDS his momma's undivided attention. What a cutie. 


He was so happy to have his own Armadillo Rodeo to keep!