Saturday, April 24, 2010

sleepy happy baby

yesterday we closed on the house. it's super exciting to be home owners, we got the keys and garage door openers and we can move in whenever we get around to it. first we want to replace tile in the bathroom, do a little painting, work on the floors and slowly pack up our stuff. how much stuff can there possibly be to pack up in a one bedroom apartment you might ask? according to travis, you have no idea. lol

peter spent most of the day in the car yesterday sleeping poor baby. every time he fell asleep i ended up having to unbuckle him and wake him up again. he'd get really grouchy and then fall back asleep only to be placed back in his car seat woken back up again and locked in. over-all he was really really good. he was buckled in and out six time yesterday. only once did he start crying and crying really hard. fortunately i have become talented at leaning over the seat to nurse. lovely. immediately he stops crying, letting go every few minutes to make a loud complaining noise, i guess to let me know that he's still mad about being locked up. well me too.

after picking travis up from work yesterday we decided to stop at the botanical gardens. i haven't been to the botanical gardens here in austin, but i have fond memories of the gardens back in SA. it was a really hot evening and we walked around for about an hour. beautiful roses and huge huge trees. we got some ideas and thoughts for what we would like to do. peter slept through most of it, he really likes to be in the sling or in the wrap

peter spends most of his days happily eating then sleeping through the rest of it. he periodically wakes up and doesn't want to eat and is very happy and content to just play. playtime consists of making faces and testing out the legs. stretching and making faces. apparently all that eating and sleeping pays off because the kid is getting quite the little belly.

we were only home for a short time yesterday afternoon. just enough time to get in a full meal and then have diaper blow out. the result was both of winding up in the tub. he's such a good little water baby. he kicks and thrashes and waves his arms around. he was happy in there for about thirty minutes. anyway i'm having a hard time sticking to one subject. he's so much fun to talk about!


  1. Beautiful :-) Thanks for the pics and the happy memories of happy snuggles with my babes ;-) Gosh, where did the time go????

  2. Audrey says, "Lauri Anne, we have a fat nephew." LOL

  3. oh. my. goodness. HE IS ADORABLE!!!

  4. Margaret would like you to know that "He grew a bunch!"