Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Milk Drunk

I never thought that feeding a baby would be so entertaining! Peter grunts and growls and groans the entire time he eats. He also sucks away determinedly through hiccups and while coughing because he inevitably chokes on milk. When he finally does drift off into milk happy sleep his little chin drops and a huge mouthful of milk dribbles down his chin onto his chest. Accompany that with big wide baby grins and it's bliss to sit around on the couch all day and feed him. Even if I do complain that he's been glued to me all day. It's really not so bad when you throw in the milky grins and coos.

We are clear to close on our house, all that is left to do now is set up a time and date to go in an sign the paperwork. I'm so excited. It's all happening really quickly and it's all so great. So Travis got a job in January, we had Peter in March and closing on a house soon, all before celebrating our one year anniversary which is right around the corner.

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  1. What a great little post! I love the milkly little baby grins and am so happy you're enjoying my grandbaby so much :-)~ Mommy