Friday, April 23, 2010

waiting on sleep

It's 6:30 I've been awake, wide awake, browsing magazines, checking webpages and walking the floor since 5:30. This has become a usual habit for the two of us, Peter and me. He wakes up precisely ten minutes before the neighbors alarm and will not be sedated by nursing he wants up. So we get up and play for a few minutes. I pop him in the bouncer where he sleeps fitfully for about 15 minutes. I take him out and nurse him, pop him in the sling where he sleeps fitfully thrashing and moaning til he really passes out around 6:15. Currently I transferred him to the swing and am waiting to see if that will work. If he's still out in ten minutes I'll sneak off to my room and catch so zzz's. None of this particularly bothers me, I know I'll catch up on sleep eventually and who can really complain when they really only have to get out of bed once or twice tops with a newborn?

What bothers me? The little grunty groany noises that wake me up to feed and the kicking while feeding, that doesn't bother me. The little piglet. Neither does the new found ability to continuously pat someone on the back while snoozing yourself. What's truly frustrating is no breast - eye coordination skills which equal me stumbling out of bed hitting the wall and feeling like cursing looking for the stupid switch on the night like. Crawling back to bed over the baby to switch feedings to the other side and listening to a voice make snarky comments during the night. I do not appreciate grouches in the night. Even if the said grouch doesn't remember what they said the next morning. It puts me in a foul mood. In the middle of the night, who wants to be in a foul mood over something someone who is sleeping says? Yea know what, if you don't want your precious sheet pulled off you by accident then sleep somewhere else. :-) Thus is the train of thought when you are the one who is the human feeding machine. Not that I mind, just the snarky comments from other sleep deprived people. How sleep deprived does one get I might wonder when they don't have someone suckling three to four hours at night though? hmmm? Well Peter is still out so off to bed for thirty minutes. Then shower time and going to close on our house!

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