Friday, February 8, 2013

6 months, 2 kiddos

It's been a roller coaster these past six months, with Adam being my easiest and most difficult child.  :)  Colic, moving, holidays, hateful car rides and illness.  I had no clue colic could wreck so much havoc on  your relationship with your little one but sheesh it sure can.  Thankfuly, I discovered the cure for us and it only lasted three weeks but I shudder to think about my feelings towards the little man then and what they would be now if I had to endure that type of torture nightly for months.  I continue to believe that colic is a symptom of a problem unknown that can indeed be satiated.  That you can fix it, if you keep trying. It is not your fault that your baby has colic but if other people in other countries don't have it then why do we say there is no cure?  Also, I don't believe it has anything to do with gas, but I think that can be an additional symptom.  I think too often people tell us it will just go away on it's own and we are too worn out to keep trying.  

Adam is one happy baby, where Peter was content overall and actively pushing himself to do new things, Adam is overall happy and happy to doing nothing.  

My boys give me pure happiness in their everyday actions.  I re-live the innocence of my childhood everyday and while it is a struggle against my own selfish human nature to conform them to my ideology of how they should be, I try to see the innocence of their intent.  I also realize that almost every struggle I face in some way or another is the product of one of my own shortcomings.  However as time goes by I am continually pushed to my limit to address the needs of Peter in a loving way.  I hope that in ten years time I won't have to whip out the videos and pictures of the mushy love between the two of them to remind them why you can't beat each other up but I'm sure I'll have to. 

 Adam is the latest joy to my life and is a constant source of laughter for me.  He is joyful and funny.  He is easy going and quick to forget.  Not 2 seconds after bumping his head he was all smiles.  I just LOVE this picture.  :)

We just recently got over a round of illness.  First Peter had croup, which was no problem, he went through it like a champ, in fact I didn't even really know he had it til afterwords.  Adam's was much much worse, we were up for about six nights, helping him to breathe better and it was pure torture all around.  I was seriously concerned we were heading for the ER if he hadn't improved.  Fortunately with constant love, steam rooms, chest rubs, and nebulizer saline treatments we made it through.  Just in time for Peter to get an ear infection.  With the help of warmed garlic, breastmilk and quaifenesan we made it through that.  Adam's turn for the ear infection and while he had that Peter developed a cold.  Then Adam's turn with the cold.  Long story short, there was a total of 3 weeks where I slept 8 hours in a row, every single other night was between 1 to 2 hours stretches and usually totaling 5 hours of sleep.  Finally everyone is healthy and I'm hoping we reached our quota of illness for the year.