Saturday, September 11, 2010

Peter is a growing weed. He's funny and cute, loud and obnoxious, silly and adorable. Such a little turkey. Like all mothers, I am sure that he is the sweetest, cutest baby ever. So lately I have been crazy busy. Back and forth from my mom's house to my house. Traveling is oooh my favorite. Still it's pretty fun getting to see all my siblings and having them interact with Peter. It sure helps when I'm just having a day where I feel like I just cannot hold him any longer. Don't get me wrong, he's perfect and everything I just don't want to hold him all the time.

At the moment he is sliding around on the floor whining. I'm not kidding. it's not really a cry and it's not really a fuss it's like a cough then a short wail then a cough cough. Throw in some grunts and gurgling choking on your slobber and that would be the noise I'm going for. :-) We've had our moments this week. I wish I'd gotten some pictures or videos, sadly I haven't. I don't know where my camera is and I haven't looked thoroughly for it. I bring it with me generally back and forth so it gets moved a lot and I haven't really looked everywhere for it. Now it's starting to drive me nuts. As Nathaniel, my cousin put it, "Don't ask me where I last had it! If I knew, I would have found it wouldn't I?". Thank you!

Peter is changing so much. He's grumpier then before and learning how to do all kinds of things. He can scooch around on the floor. He's able to get from point A to point B. He may not be that quick but he's effective. We can be outside gardening and I'll put him on the blanket and he can make it off the blanket to the grass very quickly! Sometimes I have to just let him keep eating grass because I have mud on my hands and can't fish it out of his mouth. He can sit up and stay sitting for a while until he finally just leans right over and flops on his belly. He likes to play the airplane game. He prefers to be standing at all times and he asks to be put down. Kind of. He thinks he can get around when you let him down which is really funny because you wonder if you put him down, what difference will it actually make when he can't move? :-) Well, I guess he can scooch places.

I have some pictures from my camera phone that show the growth in our garden. Pretty neat.