Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2 week check up

BTW we had the baby. Birth pictures and short story to follow later.

Oh the tears, the actual tears streaming down the face. Babies I've noticed don't have real tears immediately but now Peter's have come in and it's very very sad. We went in for our two week check up yesterday. A little late but better late then never. We were doing the newborn screening test so that involves poking the heel to get blood samples. His poor little foot wouldn't bleed. We wrapped it in a hot wet rag before stabbing it and nothing happened. She did it again and just a tinny little drop and even after squeezing it only bled enough to cover one of the little baby circles out of the five you have to fill. Each time she poked him they told me just hold him tight don't let him squirm and don't bounce him or rock him when he screams. HELLOOO talk about mom torture. Oh well after the third poke we got enough blood to cover four circles and half a fifth and just called it good.

Peter has had one of those weekends. He's met way more people in a single weekend then he's met ever and had a couple new experiences. Some good, some bad, some funny ones and some we hope to never go through again.

We met the puppies. Mudge is a sniffer and a cuddler and was happy to check out the new baby and plop down on the floor next to me. Rocky's more of a loud excited approach. BOUNCE BOUNCE sniff sniff and that's about all.

Peter stayed with the kiddos, grandpa and oma for an entire hour while mommy picked up Travis from the hair cutters, went to home depot, came back home, packed and got something to drink. Not a peep, perfect little guy.

Went to our first coffee shop, met Kolbe and had an accident over Daddy's arm, and the table much to my great amusement. It always makes me laugh when Peter pees on someone other then myself. I get peed on so often at this point in time it's barely noticeable. :-)

Met Uncle Christopher on R&R from Iraq. Spent an entire hour in church being held by no one other then him much to the dismay of everyone else in the family. The family is very into baby hogging and no on is very good at sharing. That's why my dad spent a chunk of time pouting because no one would share.

My sister Lauri Anne had her first Communion and we all had cake that was great.

Walked into the kitchen and discovered Uncle Jacob giving Peter chocolate. Babies don't need chocolate thank you!

Peter had his first hysterical crying fit. Poor Peter, we're still not sure if when we cry mom will get us right away. So he's been testing me. All day yesterday and the day before. Hopefully this will stop soon.

All in all it was a good weekend. We probably won't be going back to see family to visit until next month and then I'll probably be staying for a week so I can really visit with everyone. There's never enough time in the weekend to get everyone in that wants to see you. Plus by then he'll be a little older, a little bigger and I won't be as worried about germs. Yea, right.

It's really frustrating for me stepping up and being the grown up. I'm realizing though as I'm going through this journey of being a mom that I have to be in charge of the surroundings otherwise people walk all over you. Ultimately I do no what's best for him and why shouldn't I? I spend 24 hours a day with him and there's no reason I should cave in to the stranger who lectures me on not letting that lovely old couple hold him for just a little bit. Or the family who continuously says, "Oh he's really okay" no he's really not. The reason we experience so little crying over here at our house is because we really que into Peter's noises. He never gets to the crying stage. Some noises we no know mean he's hungry, mother's mean he wants in the bouncer or swing, other's mean he needs his diaper changed. When I hear something and I know that he needs food or he wants to be down and I tell such and such person that and there response is "no honey he's just fussy or no he's just fine, just watch." That's not okay. It's disrespectful, it's rude and I end up getting really upset and not saying anything until Peter gets really really upset. That's not okay either. I'm going to have to learn to just stand up for myself and him and get him before the tears start. Because I do know his signs and I shouldn't give in just because they're family or older or whatever. Just because I don't want to let him cry doesn't mean that we're coddling him and that he won't be independent. Every parent does things differently, doesn't mean it's wrong it's just different. We have the right to do things how we wish to do them and input should only be given when asked. Enough of a rant for now, off to bed again it's 6AM. lol

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  1. I'm positively ancient and still struggle with that grown-up stuff when it comes to some folks ;-) You have oodles more confidence and know-how than I did at your age - you'll do just fine!