Tuesday, March 9, 2010

househunting and food

It's yet another Tuesday and I still don't have a baby. Kind of crazy considering the bed rest and the on again off again nights full of contractions.

Last night we had Travis' aunt and uncle over for dinner, the first time we've had dinner over at our apartment and we've been here since July? Time goes by quite fast. Yesterday I spent all day cooking sauerbrauten, red cabbage, and knudel. It was such a wonderful dinner, not trying to brag about the cooking, which was really good, it was more like just having people over and eating a good meal. I know that the last two to three weeks of pregnancy the baby gains the most weight and even though I've done relatively good all this pregnancy on weight gain I just don't really care anymore. I know that the more carbs I eat and soda I drink the baby will be really heavy but that hasn't curbed my roll addiction or my cravings for things like peanut butter. Oh baby. I wish he were here already.

We are still house hunting, finding some homes that we really like and I would like to go actually look at one or two homes we've found online. I think the only day this week we are going to go look at houses is next weekend...Hopefully I'll be able to go because I'm due next Sunday. Who knows, I might have a baby tomorrow. Travis and I have decided that even though we can live in a 3 bedroom home easily for now, we do plan on having more children and people over. SOooo it would be the practical thing to look at homes with either more then 3 bedrooms or a 3 bedroom with a second living room or den area that we could use as an office or game room with a pull out bed for guests. We'll see what happens.

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