Friday, May 14, 2010

baby wearing and baby feeding

Peter is still his usual not crying self. He's a fusser not a crier. Another thing why is it such a big deal in this country if your baby cries? The question, "Does he cry a lot?" ummm no "Oh well he's such a good baby then." ummmm actually I don't really think that makes him a good baby, just an easier going one. To be good or bad you would need to know that you are doing something wrong or right for that matter and do it. Whatever, just a little annoyance. Anyway he doesn't cry or wail for anything more then two minutes if he does start wailing. The boy definitely can, gave us a nice dose of that last night. Mostly because he wanted to be outside for a good hour and neither me or Travis would spend that time outside with him. Sounds like our problem. :-D

Peter has his own little routine. Wake up early, start fussing til I get my lazy butt out of bed, change his diaper and play with him. Then until about noon he spends the morning in a state of eating and cat naps. The entire morning is eat for thirty minutes, cat nap for thirty, then back to eating. Afternoons are for play times and cat naps. Evenings are long stretches of feeding and walking outside. Always outside. Must be walking. About nine o'clock he is ready for sleep. Why don't we give the kid what he wants? I really do try to go off his cues. Sadly I know what he wants by his noises. Nearly every time I can tell you what he wants, it's just whether I want to do it or not. Pathetic really. By the end of the day aka = 5pm I am done literally, I don't want to be walking or holding him or anything. I want to not be holding a warm sweaty baby and I definitely don't want to be walking around outside. I'm tired my legs hurt and please don't make me bounce on that stupid ball anymore. But I do. Generally. Except last night so instead I listened to him cry for five minutes or so while I cleaned the bathroom. Why for goodness sake can someone else not do that?

Thus I have come to the conclusion that community living/tribal living is awesome. Was anyone truly meant to take care of babies by themselves? I don't really think so. I think we were meant to have the support of our moms, aunts, sisters and cousins. I think that children were probably meant to grow up in a environment surrounded by many people caring for them and their mother's being there to keep an eye on things and be the ultimate and obvious first choice for food, comfort and love. Probably would reduce postpartum depression. Whatcha think? helping me pack!


  1. Definitely agree. I like the whole idea of a mix of old and young around to mentor, hug, comfort, etc. True learning, loving, living....

  2. I feel like I'm missing out on this kid...

  3. bahaha, thanks so much for being honest. i felt the same way [and sometimes still do - river is becoming more and more independent but he still has his super clingy days] but i felt bad admitting it. not any more though, lol! sometimes i really have had enough, and just need a little break. i wish we lived closer to each other so we could give one another a hand. i would love to spend days with that little sweetie. goodness, i love him so much already. he is just beautiful.