Saturday, May 8, 2010

Genetian violet

Yesterday I was on the phone with my mom and was talking about Peter and how he never seems to get rid of all the milk in his mouth and how disgusting it looked. Kind of like curdled milk all over his tongue. Never thinking he might actually have thrush. Turns out he does. On further inspection he had the white spots all over the inside of his mouth, on his cheeks, gums and inside of his lips. Super difficult to wipe off and bleeds slightly when you do. Ooops. I think he's probably had it well over a week now. :-o

So Travis picked up some genetian violet from the drugstore came home, I put it on and tried to feed Peter. The result was quite a mess since someone cannot eat without bobbing his head back and forth and to and fro. Just check it out for yourself!

Bathtime can be scary. Actually he likes baths unless he hears the water running. Then you get this face.

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  1. LOL I remember those faces all too well - and the purple stains on everything from my white nursing T to my white birkies ;-) Hope the thrush is better...