Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Car rides

how I hate them. It seems that we are beginning to like the car less and less. Joy. You would think since we have been traveling close to every day since ummmm he was born he would be used to the car. Not a chance. Some days we have beautiful peace. That translates to Peter sleeping peacefully in the back and me listening to the radio. More often then not lately I have a fussing crying baby in the back. I'm driving down the road with one arm stretched behind me, caressing Peter's face and offering him my finger to chew on. Some times it works and the payoff is a calm, nearly content baby and one arm nearly popped out of it's socket. What fun! Another option is having someone else drive and me leaning over the car seat to nurse him. Peter thinks this is the best way to drive EVER! I on the other hand have sustained countless bruises from the carseat and the jolting.  In otherwords. I despise the car. On that happy note, we'll probably be running errands today. :-)

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  1. eh, i HATE nursing in the car. i've only done it a few times, but no more. he takes a paci pretty well in the car, because he knows he can't really do anything else, but ONLY if i put my face right up against his and sing. LOL. if i stop singing, he starts crying... i love it though, it's sooo sweet that he wants me to be that close to him and sing. :')