Saturday, July 17, 2010

Breastfeeding and Fertility Thoughts 2

About the seven standards of ecological breastfeeding the closer you stick to them; the longer your fertility stays away. I'm not trying to say that I follow the rules to the 'T' because I don't. Peter has had a pacifer (although he doesnt' like them and would rather play with them), he has been given expressed milk in a bottle. Peter stays with my mom when I want to go to the grocery store or sonic or whatever. Short trips. I tend to side with some of the moms who say that they just need time! I think if I had more interaction with other adults then I do, I probably wouldn't feel like that, but it is as it is. People who use a pacifier, totally understandable. Peter would gladly suckle for 3 hours at a time while he sleeps. That's part of the reason ecological breastfeeding works. It's the suckling that increases prolactin levels which in turn keeps ovulation at bay. I can usually let him snack for a few hours every day (what are movies for?) however, I would also be using a pacifer sometimes to get Peter to take longer naps if I couldn't lay down with him.

Here are some facts about prolactin and the data on it.

Although, I have had a really good breastfeeding experience so far, I won't go so far as to say it's perfect or doesn't have it's own annoyances. In fact, I'm experiencing minor annoyances now, as I type. Last night while on the phone with another good friend of mine we were talking about the annoyances of nursing. My biggest peeve right now is Peter pinches. This may not seem like a big deal but it's super annoying and painful. He gets just a little bit of skin between his little nails and leaves bruises! Or he just grabs a handful of whatever he can and rubs kneads it between his fingers. Ouch! But is that too much to deal with so that he can have the most nutritious food possible? Not when I think about how he'll benefit long term. Sometimes though, I'll sit him up, tell him no and then say something along the lines of "That's it kid, your weaned!". Hahaha yea right mom!

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